Thursday, August 28, 2008

Silver Flower Clasp

This is a very small little silver plated clasp that came with two in a package. I just thought it was so petite and sweet. It would look great with anything black, white or silver. A petite bracelet with 4mm jet crystals interspersed with silver findings is what I'm picturing.

Have you ever used the swarovski crystal called "comet argent"? It is so cool! It would look great with this clasp. I'll post some 6mm bicones tomorrow. They remind me of a cross between crystal and black diamond with two sides completely silvered.

A daisy chain with tiny black faceted beads would look adorable with this clasp also. In fact, I think that would be PERFECT!!


Carole said...

I love that! It's so vintage looking and would look fantastic with black beads. Actually it would look really nice on a bracelet I made quite a while back. lol

House said...

Hi,this post really very nice and innovative and silver flower clasp looks very pretty .Thanks for this post and you can also try to make it with Sterling silver clasp.I hope you like my idea.