Monday, May 2, 2016

DIY Jewelry-making kits

Pictured here are just a handful of the DIY jewelry-making kits the Cousin Ambassadors learned about during our recent trip to Cousin Corporation Headquarters in Largo, Florida.

We were privileged to meet and have a brainstorming session with the person on staff whose primary role is to develop ideas, create samples and pitch jewelry-making kits to craft stores. HOW FUN!

While it sounds like the best job ever, it would really take a lot of focus to stay on track and keep moving forward. We not only saw the huge wall of existing products, we also saw the wall of kits that didn't make it to the stores.

As with any industry, finding the key to what moves customers at any given time is the magic bullet.

These are the kits that moved ME in that moment and found their way into my return luggage. :)


Shai Williams said...

It has to be the best job in the world to be able to play with all those beads.

Lisa Crone said...

Hi Shaiha! Great to hear from you! And yes, I totally agree. It would be so exciting to get to work every morning with all those beads waiting. :)

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