Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sparkly Summer Choker

I love a good beading challenge! As mentioned in Monday's post, I recently received 4 brand new Cousin Corporation "Class in a Box" kits.

Each kit contains a variety of beads and components in a different style and color palette.

An instruction guide comes with each kit, but the real fun is knowing you have all those beads to make anything you want.

When faced with this situation, it's not surprising that I went directly to a right angle weave design because it's so easy, but appears a little more complex. This is the "Shimmer" class in a box...what a great name!

The colors are so fun and with limited amounts of each, it's exciting to put together something that I otherwise would probably not have thought to create.

Since each of the four Cousin Ambassadors all received the same materials, make sure to check out their designs too.

I have no doubt we'll all have our own unique results.

This is a great way to unblock your creativity if you are feeling blocked!

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Here Bead Dragons said...

Lovely necklace - the colors are fantastic