Monday, August 19, 2013

In Search of...Kumihimo Stories

Look what I got in the mail!!

How exciting! I've always wanted to learn the Kumihimo braiding technique.

Yay, thanks Cousin Corporation!

I noticed the site is focusing on Kumihimo right now and providing some great ideas with free patterns.

I learned the tubular peyote stitch many years ago and remember how exciting and fun it was, how all I could see was endless possibilities.

I got very hooked and then crashed and burned.

I haven't practiced it in several years so when I received the Kumihimo board and some really bright and cheerful supplies, that old feeling began to stir!

I hope to take it out of the package this coming weekend to give it a try. In the mean time, I'd LOVE to hear your stories about learning Kumihimo. Make sure to leave links to designs you want to show off!!!

AND, any encouragement you might want to share or little helpful tips to help me over any typical learning curve bumps and bruises. :)

Thanks so much!


Jean said...

Actually, I think kumihimo is easier to try to learn than peyote. And unless you are trying for an intricate flat braid, like an obijime, it can be a very quick and very meditative project, especially using a foam disc. However, while braiding on the disc will be an excellent way to learn, your tension will be off. If you are a perfectionist, this might bother you - the solution is to switch to a marudai loom, which uses weights to maintain even tension. I am borrowing my mother's marudai, which she made by cutting a hole in a wooden stool. :)

Right now, I am working on round kumihimo bracelets, decorated with large hole (Pandora style) beads. I like them because they are casual, yet still bling-y; stackable; and lightweight. You can see some here:

This photo was taken before I added silver end caps and clasps. I want to try beaded kumihimo, but alas, I do not have the bobbins that are really required. It's on my list, though; it seems like it would be much faster than making a peyote bracelet with a similar look, once you actually start braiding.

Lisa Crone said...

Oh my gosh Jean, that's so exciting, I had no idea it could be considered sort of a meditative project. I'm in!

Love how you use the large hole beads over the braiding!

You just made my day, thanks so much! :)