Tuesday, December 20, 2011

3D Jewelry Design

As a continuation of yesterday's featured designer post, I wanted to share some additional information from Alia of ArchetypeZ.

First of all, prepare to have your mind expanded just a little bit! :)

I was intrigued by Alia's geometric designs in her Etsy shop and wondered how she created them.

She just happened to share a link to the printing service she uses and recommended taking a look at the short videos on this site to learn more about 3d printing.

As Alia put it, "It's an interesting technology that will one day probably be in all our homes the same way inkjet printers are.

I'd love to get your thoughts on this amazing technology! I can't wait till it IS in all our homes! Thanks Alia!


Rebecca Chalach said...

Its probably the future of jewelry making. I've been creating 3D jewelry for 9 years now and the demand for this technology is ever growing.

rottermond said...

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Sarah Sequins said...

Wow, those rings are fantastic!

I'd never heard of 3D printing before. I have to say, it boggles my mind!

Silver Jewelry Toronto said...

Superb jewelry collection. I love the design and the combination of the colors that has been used here.