Sunday, September 18, 2011

This Week's Project: Birdie Zipper Pull

I met up with a friend on Friday who happened to be wearing a pair of earrings with a vintage birdie bead and gold coral tube that I had made for her. She said she'd love to have one of these to attach to the zipper of the jacket she was wearing.

She then proceeded to take off an earring and show me how it would look on the jacket and she was RIGHT! It made a huge difference!

Not that it wasn't nice looking before, but something as simple as a couple beads made it look like a more polished and put together little outfit. Hmm..I was happily awed by that.

So, I just threw this together. I'm a little unsure of how to attach it so it's strong enough to act as a pull, however I think she will still grasp the zipper and this will just be a dangly embellishment. So, we'll get the ball rolling with this to start with. :)

Hope you had a crafty weekend and I wish you the best new week!


Skye said...

hmm... you could either fuse the metal pin ends together or just wrap the wire a bit to make it stronger. To attach it to the zipper, you could use a string loop ( like on cell phone charms) or a simple lobster clasp would work as long as the wire was fastened securely... at least in theory lol I haven't made a zipper pull yet although I have a few in mind ;)

Emy said...

What a great idea!

Initial Charms said...

Very nice idea indeed to have a great zipper to your jacket and tun it to an attractive accessory...this would look amazing.

Shel said...

I made a bunch of hoodie pulls for little girls at a BBQ/show thing I did this summer - they flew off the shelf and so if they did, then your beautiful once surely would be a hit!!

Silver Jewelry Jaipur said...

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