Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GLITTERY Jewelry Craft Project!

I came across a GREAT crafty jewelry project today, yay!! I was so glad to hear back from Fusion Beads that I could share this with you!!

I found Fusion Beads through an advertisement and when I got over to their website, the first thing that caught my eye was this sparkly jewelry project involving GLITTER! :)

The project is titled, "Coloring Filigree with Glitter and Acrylic Paint Dabbers"! There was no way I was not going to click on that link especially when I saw they were using this really great bluish/turquoise glitter!

They have provided a list of materials needed, step by step instructions AND they have 3 different finished jewelry projects that you can download instructions and make yourself!

They are all so cute, but I think this springy flower necklace called, Floral Fever Necklace, is my favorite!!

The other projects are the Morning Frost Earrings and Star of the Party Bracelet.

Thanks a million to Fusion Beads for allowing me to share this with you today! HOW FUN! I just wish it was the weekend so I could get crafting!


Dawn Doucette said...

Now that totally caught my eye Lisa! LOVE both of those projects... I think I have a strange obsession with glitter as a result of my childhood where I was no allowed to play with glitter... it was too messy. LOL

Hope you are doing well!

Patricia JL said...

That is eye catching!

Donna@soakinginmustard.com said...

I bet you could also make a wintery necklace with white paint and crystal glitter and perhaps a blue, black or red ribbon. thinking snowflakes...
Very pretty indeed, thanks for sharing. Donna

Almost Precious said...

It is a wonderful and clever way to use a filigree in a different way. Totally changes its personality.

jamberry_song said...

This is fantastic!! Thanks for sharing it! :D

Cindy Lietz, polymer Clay Tutor said...

Awesome idea! It is so cool seeing artists use materials in unexpected ways!