Monday, February 22, 2010

Backward Bead Post

I received a FABULOUS surprise package of beads from Rings & Things this weekend as part of their blog partner program! YAY!! How exciting, I love bead surprises!

These beads are so great and while they are fabulous by themselves, they make such an amazing impact grouped together. So, instead of posting one at a time until the weekend, I thought it would be fun to just WOW you right up front because that is how I felt when I opened up the package.

I will then pull out the similar groups individually so you can see how pretty they all are through the week. It is a slightly different approach for me, but I'm sure you can understand how the beads made me do it! :)

I also wanted to take a few minutes to thank everyone for playing along in yesterday's challenge to guess the meaning behind the bracelet I made on Saturday. There were lots of great guesses and some sweet stories too!

The winner will receive a random bead mix of pieces and parts that have been showcased here in the past. The winner and "answer" to the challenge were just updated in yesterday's post.

I hope you are all having a great week so far!! :) If not, think SPARKLE...that usually helps!

FTC compliance disclosure, notice of material connections: the items in this post from Rings&Things were provided as a promotional gift as part of the Blog Partner Program for review or design purposes. More info about the Rings & Things Blog Partner Program


Just A Tish said...

Don't you just love these!!!

d'Olivia said...

I love those colored pearls!

DVArtist said...

Blog programs are the best. I do love the beads you received.


Dave Robertson said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying these shell pearls (+ more), Lisa. And thanks for mentioning our Blog Partners program, I've seen several entries already today from new people!

:) Dave
at Rings & Things

Laura said...

WOW. What a stash of loveliness! What I'd LOVE to do with those!! I guess I should get off my duff and blog more!