Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Versatile Wooden Beads

It just dawned on me that wooden beads have endless possibilities! They can be used as they are in many jewelry and craft projects or they can be painted, sparkled, embellished with wood burning tools and can even be used as gift wrapping embellishments.

I just love this blue and brown ribbon and am thinking of using it on some packages with some of the large wooden beads, fun!!

I have painted and decopauged on wooden beads that I have used in jewelry projects, but wouldn't it be fun to use a wood burning kit to "carve" out designs and patterns? I never thought of that before and now I wish it wasn't too late to run to the craft store to get one.

I've always thought they would be fun to use, but didn't think I'd have much use for one. Hmmm... What do you think? Is the bead thick enough for that?

Hopefully I will soon find out! Have a good one!!

P.S. I wanted to say a quick "THANK YOU" to the fabulous Jean Yates who is the first person to receive an advance copy of my upcoming book, A Bead in Time!! She posted a review on her blog that left me speechless!! I am constantly amazed at the wonderful community of beaders in the world who are so encouraging and kind!


Azure Accessories said...

I really like wood beads and use them a great deal in the summer...not so much now! They are great for longer length necklaces, bracelets and the list goes on!

I checked out Jean Yates great review on your book...I can't wait to receive mine...I pre-ordered it from when you did the post about it coming out in January...seems like forever...patience right!


Just A Tish said...

i read the review, it was awesome. i can't wait for mine. it is suppose to ship the end of january!!

i love wood beads too. i have been using them alot lately in my designs. they are truly the most versatile.

Mikki said...

We're in tune again, Lisa. I just dug out my wood beads as the base for some fabric beads I'm designing for a class.
Jean's review is awesome....I'm crossing my fingers for a second printing :)

Kokopelli said...

Oh, I never thought about using a burning tool on wood beads! I have a huge (over a pound) wood bead mix and could try that. But I'm not sure what happens to color and varnish when burnt. But it's worth a try.