Thursday, December 3, 2009

Simple Heart Pendant

Today's bead is one of the other heart pendants I mentioned yesterday. This glass heart, which was in a package from Joann, Etc., has black and purple accents and would look great in a number of designs.

Since time was limited and I needed a few gifts for the weekend, I used a black velvet cord with a clasp already attached and in a matter of 1 minute, had a nice gift to pass on!

This looks nice as is, but also looked nice with a knot at the top of the heart or with some large-hole silver beads on either side. I wanted it to be simple since I was presenting it to a fellow crafter who I thought would have fun adding embellishments.

Hope you are having a great week!! One more work day for me, yay! :)


Davinia said...

It's a really striking pendant and stands out wonderfully on just a plain black cord.

Azure Accessories said...

I find sometimes a simple black cord is all that is necessary!!! Especially when the pendant is striking on its own!