Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swarovski Crystal Bead Frame

Hi there! I wasn't sure what kind of bead I could follow up yesterday's crystally creation with, but take a look at this one!! Wow! This is a Sterling Silver Spring Spiral 8mm Bead Frame with Aquamarine Swarovski Crystals from Artbeads.com.

It just came in the mail today, but I've been thinking of how to use it for the last few days. The great thing about this bead frame is that it has aquamarine crystals on both sides. It would be great in a necklace so you can put it on from either direction and wouldn't make a difference if it would happen to flip over while you are wearing it. It would also be great as earrings, very sparkly from any direction.

Now, here's the best part! It's a bead FRAME! Yes, that means you can sparkle it up by placing an 8mm bicone crystal on the inside. My mind has been reeling with necklace ideas, but now that I have it in person, I'm not sure yet which one to go with. It doesn't need a lot of embellishment around it other than a sparkly bicone inside the frame. Initially, I thought it would be great on a simple chain so the design would really stand out. However, it would be a lot of fun to make some crystally right angle loops on either side of it.

I'm planning to have a finished product by Saturday, so that gives me a few days to work it out. You know, at this very moment in time, if all you have to worry about is which crystal to use in a piece of jewelry, LIFE IS GOOD! Let me know what you think about using either an aquamarine bicone, rose bicone or 2xAB crystal (Ooh, that's a good one) in the frame!

I hope all those crystals have put a smile on your face just as they have on mine!! It's so easy to get carried away with all that sparkle! Have a good one!

Okay, I guess I am on a roll now, have you seen the swarovski Modular crystal? Scroll down a little bit on the swarovski crystal beads page to see it. I would love to see some projects using that bead!

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Anonymous said...

What a beautiful bead!! As to which one to put in the center ... hmm ... all pretty choices. I think I'd have to place each in the center to decide. *lol*
And the modular crystal! Yum! Did you see the handpainted one linked to it? Oh, you are such an enabler!