Monday, January 26, 2009

Bead with Attitude!

Today's bead certainly has a lot of attitude! I'm not sure if teenagers are still prone to making this statement, but it always makes me think of the valley girl attitude back in the 80's. Okay, I might have said a few "what-evers" myself, truth be told.

I recently checked out a DVD of the old TV show, "Square Pegs", from the library and had a lot of fun watching it. The character played by Tracy Nelson is great, she is the best valley girl by far, like totally! If you ever want to get a glimpse back to a sitcom version of high school in the 80's, this is a good one with lots of great catch phrases! (Like totally different head, totally!!)

Okay, back to the bead...! This bead would make a great pull for a backpack or a cute choker made with sky blue faux suede cord. This is a big hole bead, so you could use a variety of stringing materials. It would be cute in between knots as a focal bead. You wouldn't really even need any other beads, but you could add a couple glass pony beads for a little shine on either side.

One last mention of Square Pegs...In case curiosity has gotten the best of you, You Tube has some great video clips including the appearance by DEVO, yes, D..E..V..O.

Have a good one!

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Anonymous said...

Not so much a comment on the bead, although Mom would say this was my bead...but Square Pegs is AWESOME! Like totally!
Talk to ya soon,
Love ya,