Saturday, April 28, 2012

This Week's Project: Butterfly Bracelet

Here's the happy summertime butterfly bracelet, yay!

I had to take a trip to the craft store for the 6mm jet bicones since I only had the 4mm size on hand.

I mentioned the project in last Sunday's post and now that I have it on, it makes me so happy I don't want to take it off!

I really like how it feels on my wrist, very soft. Butterflies typically symbolize transformation sort of like the changing seasons.What a fun project!

If you have my book, you can follow the instructions for the Rock Star Bracelet.

This is an iron-on applique with hemp cord strands ironed in between the patch and a cut out of cotton patching material. EASY!


Saturday Sequins said...

What a clever project! I have a soft spot for butterflies, but especially monarchs because I once lived on Monarch Street. :)

Jean said...

this is beautiful! I hope it ia OK if I pin it! xox jean

Teresa Rusk said...

This is really pretty!

Salim Reza said...

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Salim Reza said...

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