Sunday, April 22, 2012

New Summer Project #1

I wanted to share the beginnings of a project with you here and hope to have a finished version very soon!

One of the projects in my book was called, "Rock Star Bracelet". It was a square embroidered iron-on patch with a fabric backing and a number of hemp cord strands sandwiched in between.

I saw this butterfly iron-on and KNEW it had to be a bracelet! In preparation for summer to really be here, I can't wait to wear this on my wrist using the Rock Star Bracelet as inspiration! Think orange hemp cord strands!!

I'll keep you posted. :) Have a great week!


Kokopelli said...

This might also look good on a fabric cuff. Made one lately and it was so much fun playing with beads and fabric. Great idea!

Beadwright said...

This will be beautiful no matter how you create with it. I make a butter fly with traditional porcupine will work for the vein lines. Gives it great texture.
Can't wait to see this finished.

Pretty Things said...

Very pretty!