Saturday, April 14, 2012

Featured Designer: Carol Dekle of Terra Rustica Design

This week's featured designer is the fabulous Carol Dekle of Terra Rustica Design!

I have re-read a particular post on her blog several times and remain awed by the process she uses to SANDBLAST stone pendants! Yes, sandblast! Where have I been?

This was news to me and I just think it is the coolest thing since I discovered lamp working or fire enameling! The tools people use to make beautiful jewelry are often surprising!

I selected a couple of my favorite pendants of Carol's to share here, but if you do nothing else, you must click over to her blog post where she describes her process and includes step by step photos!

You can also check out her Etsy site to see lots more of her designs! Carol's profile reads, "Terra Rustica Design is a collection of engraved stone pendant jewelry and metalwork creations with rustic as well as elegant designs. My goal is to bring the beauty of the natural elements to you, so that you may feel inspired and connected. I hope you will love my designs as much as I have loved making them for you."

I absolutely love these and I am thrilled to have learned something new!

Thanks a million Carol for allowing me to share your work here tonight! :)


Tropicalkaren said...

I agree, sandblasting, who would have thunk it?

Carol Dekle said...

Thank you Lisa for having me! Hi Karen, I checked out your blog and I just love your jewelry. Bubba is just adorable. Also congratulations on being an 11 year survivor. I will be a 5 year survivor this June!