Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cobalt Blue Stone

Today's bead was also in the gemstone mix bag from Hobby Lobby that I mentioned on Monday. There is only one of them which is sort of a bummer because it is certainly unique and would have been nice to have at least two!

I am not familiar with this type of blue stone, so I searched on "cobalt blue stone" and discovered there is a stone called cobalt blue! However, once again, I am stumped! Two days in a row I am asking for your help with identifying this cool cobalt blue bead. Help!

Since there is only one, it would be great to go through my collection of beads and pull out a miscellaneous grouping of colorful stone beads that I can use together for an eclectic look! I am a big fan of using several loops of memory wire and stringing on every odd or unusual bead I can find. Maybe that's the case for these!!

It's almost time for another crafty weekend! I can't wait!!!


kasi1983 said...

Hm.. This can either be a good Sodalite (although most of them have white in them) or a Lapilazuli, but these have gotten really expensive in the last years.

Of course it can also be some dyed stone - I have bought some dyed Howlite that is a similar color but it doesn't have this "structure" in it.

Any other ideas?

coolmoon said...

Looks like a low grade Lapis.

JustATish said...

that is a detailed shot - am leaning towards lapis because you can see the dark inclusions in the stone.

i would love to see what you do with an eclectic group of beads. it is alot of fun to find your orphan beads and mix them all in once piece.

Dawno said...

Try rubbing it on a piece of white paper and see if it leaves a blue mark. It could be a low grade lapis dyed darker blue or howlite. Sodalite I've seen isn't quite that shade of blue, but it could also be dyed and computer colors aren't always true to life.

Regardless, it's a fun bead!

Lisa said...

Thanks everyone!! I appreciate your feedback!! I did try running it across some paper and it didn't leave any color behind. So, majority rules that this is probably a low grade lapis. I'm looking forward to coming up with an eclectic piece using other "one of a kind" stones. :)

Kokopelli said...

On my screen it doesn't look opaque enough for lapis. And I think it couldn't be dyed howlite because this stone is opaque white and has a grey or black matrix on it. It looks like some of my sodalite pieces, althoug your stone hasn't got white inclusions. But a beautiful bead!