Monday, May 18, 2009

Cheerful Daisy Button

Today's bead is a large daisy button that matches the sweet daisy beads I posted last week. These were gifts from a co-worker and sure are CHEERFUL! I hadn't posted this yet because I was thinking it might be a little redundant since it is styled much like the daisy bead. HOWEVER, it has a bit more cheering power because of its size! (The package reads, 35x7mm).

I've posted a photo of the back side of the button too so you can see how it is made. Buttons with a shank like this one work well on memory wire. To keep it from spinning around, I have found using hollow rubber tubing through the shank works nicely to secure it. I do love large focal piece bracelets, but think this large daisy button would be adorable on a memory wire choker!

I have a theory that you can never be TOO happy or TOO cheerful and any time you have an opportunity to get more of either, you should go for it! A piece of jewelry using this button certainly fits into the category of adding a little bit more of both!

Hope your week is off to a good start!


Dawno said...

Just visiting and reading your post and seeing the Daisy lifts my spirits. Thank you for the daily pick me up!

Shaiha said...

Thank you! I have had a stressful day and the daisy put a smile on my face.

JustATish said...

Day-zees are my favorite! I am trying to get caught up i have missed so much

The Beading Gem said...

Biggest daisy bead/button I have ever seen!Great tip about the tubing to stop button beads from moving around.