Thursday, May 14, 2009

Festive Pinata Beads

This fun-loving group of beads reminded me of a festive pinata party. The few times I have made a pinata, I enjoyed it. However, I was never a fan of hitting it or running for the candy. I prefer to watch others having fun with it.

When I dumped these beads out of their package, I immediately thought about the pinatas you see hanging from the ceiling of a party store. Unfortunately, these don't have any candy in them.

You could probably use a tiny balloon to papier-mache and make a piece of pinata jewelry. As long as you could accept the fact that someone will eventually want to destroy it to retrieve the candy inside!

My favorite in the bunch is the turquoise and black bead. Even though it is a little bit sad-clown-like, the color combo is so cute!


Anonymous said...

The beads are really cool - are they lampwork beads?

Lisa Crone said...

Hi there! In response to the questions about the type of beads, these are made by Darice and the package just reads, "handpainted bead assortment clear/multi". They came in a package together with a bunch of bead caps. They were a gift from a coworker who found them in the clearance bin at a craft store.

Dave Robertson said...

I kind of love your idea of a piece of jewelry that's made to be destroyed. This too shall pass... :)


Shai Williams said...

Those are gorgeous!! Definitely make some fun summer earrings.