Saturday, May 16, 2009

This Week's Project

Hello, I hope you are all having a Great weekend! This week's projects were made using the hammered chain I received from Rings & Things last Friday. Surprisingly, both of these projects include black hemp cord. I think I was sort of hooked on it today! The color went so nicely with these hammered links, I just couldn't stop myself!

Once I began wrapping the pearls inside the hammered chain links, I thought they would be nice as more of a focal piece in a bracelet so I just used 3 of them macrame'd together. I enjoy macrame and love to include crystals when using thin hemp cord, so I added some swarovski bicones (and a bunch of dangles!)

The large barrel-shaped crystals in the 2nd design to the right were taken from a vintage jewelry piece. It's always so much fun to find perfect uses for those kind of beads!! As I mentioned above, black hemp cord is the stringing material on both of these pieces.

I sure had a lot of fun working on these today and wish I had 48 hours to play instead of 24!! Have a crafty weekend!!


Dawno said...

What a wonderful combination of materials and colors and textures. I really love visiting every day - always wonderful shinys!

D's Poetry said...

OMG, those pearls look so yummy!
Wonderful mix of colors and textures, indeed!
Love your blog:)

Mary said...

Lisa, you have got to bring this into work so I can see it in person. It looks so cool in the picture but I want to try it on! You know how I have been thinking about doing something with hemp but I have not taken any action in that direction. See you soon.

WireMySoul said...

That is just stunning! What a great combination!

D's Poetry said...

Thank you sooo much for your kind words:)

Dave Robertson said...

These are fun, unexpected combinations of materials, Lisa, and I say they're a big success. I appreciate how you tuned into the harmony between the chain & the cord, and elaborated on it with the pearls and beads. Wow!

(@Rings_Things on Twitter)

@LadyCalliope on twitter said...

Dave (@Rings_Things) tweeted me over here and I am glad he did. What wonderful word with mixed media jewelry, I especially like reusing the vint he crystals. Great job!

JustATish said...

Amazing! I love it