Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hammered Oval Chain

Today's bead is a length of hammered oval cable footage chain from Rings and Things. This came on Friday and I know I had some ideas for using this type of chain as I was perusing the catalog recently, but now I can't remember what I was thinking!!

I wanted to remind myself and all fellow beaders how important it is to write down your ideas in words or in sketches!

I'd like to figure out a nice way to add some sparkle to this chain with crystals!! I'm going to make a few attempts and will share with you when successful!!

I sure hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and happy Mother's day. As always, please share your ideas for this chain! I plan to post a finished piece no later than next Saturday!


WireMySoul said...

Pretty! Using about 12" of that, you could suspend a single crystal with a wrapped loop at the link (both links in the loop) from every couple of links or so, add some finer chain (or string of beads, or organza ribbon maybe) to one end to double the length (at least) and put it through the last big link, lariat style. Add a cluster of crystals at the end of that finer chain to join and lock the front together as well as add a focal point. Does that make sense? I can see it in my head... hehe


JustATish said...

Thank you for you kind words on my blog - yes, please add me to the list ;) i am honored.

i can't wait to see what you do with this chain!

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Lisa, I sympathize with your words about keeping a written / drawn record of your ideas. Of course for me this leads to a desk festooned with posties ;)