Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Swarovski Sparkle!

This swarovski component is gorgeous! I found this in a package of 3 components AND a clasp at JoAnn Etc. and felt like I hit the jackpot! The clasp is an ultra cool square toggle with crystals. This could be another case of "where have I been?", but it seems like I would have noticed this nice set of pieces before. It is packaged as "Jolee's Jewels Toggle Set" (swirl/black diamond).

Okay, now I am going to need to show you the clasp so stay tuned for tomorrow's post! I hope you don't mind all these peeks into my bead shopping basket, but I just can't help myself!

I have often thought that specialty bead stores or general craft stores should place webcams on their shopping trays so the crazy bead people who come in to shop can broadcast what they are seeing and narrate to the other crazy bead people on the web who can't get out to feed their need for bead shopping.

Crazy idea or next genius marketing strategy?? You be the judge...

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Carole said...


I have yet to see any of the beads at our JoAnn stores that you've mentioned, even though one of them is a SuperStore. It always amazes me how different areas, and even the same store within one area can all have different merchandise.