Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hammered Silver Cone

Today's bead is a beautifully hammered sterling silver cone. I found these at Fire Mountain when I was looking for bead caps. Even though I didn't have an actual "need" for them, I couldn't pass them up because they were so adorable.

These beads are quite versatile. They can be used as bead caps on the end of a bracelet or necklace. They could also be strung point to point or cone to cone which makes them look a little more architectural. Place a round bead in between the two cones and it takes on a completely different look!

These particular cones could be used with earth tone beads and materials OR they could be easily dressed up with crystals and shiny silver. The possibilities are truly endless!

What more can I say?....

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Dave Robertson said...

Hi there,

I've been workin' here too long ;-) because as soon as I saw this cone my inner bead catalog screamed "bolo tip"!


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