Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bright, Shiny & Red

I just came across this bead sort of by accident in my collection of beads yesterday. Even though I recently posted bugle beads, I thought these really stood out from the rest of the pack. I have no idea how they created these beads!!

They are not really twisted, but you can see from the side view they have sort of a square hole which gives it the look of having edges. It's the fact that they are red, but seem to have black layered deep down under the red...interesting!

I'm not done yet!.... In addition to all that, the brightness of the red is amazing, you almost need sunglasses to look closely at it! Honestly, there are so many project ideas coming to mind with this one.

It definitely must be used in large quantities to get the impact. Multiple strands of these beads mixed with strands of chunky primary color crystal or faceted, sparkly beads will certainly keep you awake if you are concerned about boredom. On the other hand, these could still be used in a more sophisticated way by using strands of more muted earth tones or even simply used with lots of shiny hematite or black diamond crystals.

Please feel free to throw your ideas into the ring!! Have a great evening!

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