Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fancy Sterling Bead Frame

I just love these sterling bead frames from Fire Mountain Gems!! I have used the swarovski tahitian pearls inside these frames in a bracelet with a black diamond swarovski bicone in between the frames. It was made as a gift and turned out to match a new pair of earrings the recipient had just purchased. Don't you just love it when things just click into place effortlessly?

If you have any other interesting ideas for these bead frames, I would love to hear them!!


Liv'nGood Jewelry said...

hey cool - i've used these frames;init:.JPG

I'm giving your blog an uber cool award for being such an inspiration. You can see the details at

Dave Robertson said...

Hi Lisa, have I mentioned I love the idea of your blog? Sometimes you remind me of a kind of bead I'd forgotten about. Today is a good example, even though we carry quite a few sterling bead frames...sheesh... :-) Thanks for the continued good reading!

at Rings & Things

Barbara said...

I love bead frames! It's like have two beads in one, especially with the fun shaped ones, like stars and flowers.

Thanks for the reminder on some uber-cool beads!