Sunday, July 20, 2008

Swarovski "Wow"!

I just had a thought about changing the name Swarovski to SwarWOWski! That way maybe more people would have a better idea of how to pronounce it too!

All you can say about this photo is WOW! This is a swarovski button. The package reads "Swarovski Button, 14mm, Crystal AB". There were two in a pack for $2.50, but there were many other buttons that were half price. I bought a few... I have also added a photo of the back of this button in case you have never seen one before. There are so many uses for buttons in beading, it's important not to forget about them when designing your jewelry.

Getting back to the SwarWOWski name.... Did I tell you the story about the Swarovski representative who taught a class I took on a Caribbean cruise on pearl knotting? He said the easiest way to remember how to pronounce the name was to imagine you have gone on a skiing trip and were injured. From that point forward you had swore-off-skiing, swore-off-ski, Swarovski. That is a true story, honest!

Have a great evening!

Back of Swarovski button:

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