Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun Stripes

Hello! This is such a fun, striped bead that is perfect for summer time. Even on a rainy day, this one provides the brightness and cheer! I actually acquired this one from my former craft show partner so I wasn't sure where she found it.

Coincidentally, I happened to open the new fire mountain catalog and lo and behold, there was a bead VERY similar to this one. It is advertised as "striped bead mix" and the colors are orange, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, black and pink. WOW! If you are interested, they are on page 91 of the July-August catalog. I really thought this orange striped bead was made of glass, but the fire mountain beads, which are quite reasonably priced, are 9mm laminated acrylic and come in a package of 100.

I would LOVE to have 100 of these beads in so many different colors. My imagination is having sensory overload right now thinking of all the great pieces I could make!!

Have a great evening!!


Barbara said...

Aren't they awesome?

Did you see the latest Calvin Klein collection (Spring/Summer 09)? FULL of orange. Totally.
And safety-vest green.

Just think about the color combos!

Mary said...

Hey Lisa, it has been awhile since I popped in to your blog to say "HI". I love this bead and orange is my newest favorite color. And by the way, it was my favorite even before our employer decided to adopt orange as part of its new logo. Hope you have a productive next couple of days! See you soon. Mary