Monday, July 28, 2008

Nice Surprise Pendant

No matter what your age, a nice little surprise never fails to bring out a smile! I had no idea this pendant was hiding in a celophane package bead mix! I bought the mix for 4 other beads that I couldn't find anywhere else and when I opened the package and poured them all out I was so surprised! It was like cracker jacks without the calories!!

You really can't beat that! Now I need to come up with a great idea for using this. Since it has no hole drilled through it, I'd like to wire some little pearls to the top of the round opening and and maybe add some little crystals on twisted wire for added dimension. This would look nice as a slightly longer, mid-chest length necklace and would actually look great hanging on cording or that new rubbery tubing in an earth tone color. Yep, I can see it now! If only I could cross my arms and blink it into existence!!

Have a great evening!

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