Thursday, July 17, 2008

Glass Insulator or Bead?

Today's bead made me think of those old glass insulators found on top of telephone poles. They are quite collectible today since production stopped in the 1970's. The design changed many times over a period of about 100 years. You can find them in flea markets or on special sites online. I was wondering if the designer of this bead might be a collector of those pretty glass sculptures that served such a great purpose for all those years.

I thought this bead would look great with some muted gold tone beads, the kind that look sort of aged or antiqued.

Take care!

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Carole said...

It does look like one of those insulators. I had one for several years, but it eventually broke, being used outside as 'garden' art.

Pretty bead.

And no, I haven't dug around in my bead stash yet. I've been designing some things in my head so may pull them out this next week. I haven't made a bracelet in a very long time.