Monday, July 7, 2008

Floating in Mid Air

Today's bead comes in a number of different colors, but of course, I happen to have them in blue! I love the illusion of the color floating in mid-air. Mixing these blue-centered beads with the others in yellow and orange on several strands all twisted together is a fun way to use them. I recall adding in some bright solid color rounds in the same colors for some punch.

Once the piece is together, the clear glass around the center color adds some sparkle and shine!

I am wondering if you could ladder stitch up several strands for an interesting cuff bracelet.

What do you think?


Carole said...

That is a fantastic looking bead. Of course I'm partial to blue. lol

Cami said...

I am digging this one! :o) I got the awesome package!! Thank you, you are a goddess!!!