Saturday, July 12, 2008

All Wired Up!

I hope you all are having a great weekend! This week's bracelet was very simple and fun to make. These wired up circles are so cool! I purchased a strand of about 5 of them at Michael's recently and wasn't exactly sure if they had a pre-conceived purpose or not. Usually pieces this size are used as pendants, but I am a much bigger fan of bracelets. I love to be able to look down and admire the colors, textures and forms right there on my arm, no mirror required!

The wiring inside the circle acts as a nice little net for any kind of bead you might want to wire in or in some cases, you could just press them into the wire mesh! Of course, I just love adding chain to about anything, so I thought it finished this simple bracelet off quickly and easily!

Thanks for stopping by!!


ka.middleton said...

This is a very pretty bracelet. I like the minimalist look of it. It's difficult to tell the actual size of the circle from the picture. Do you have a problem with it rolling under or is the bracelet tight enough to keep the circle in place?

Lisa said...
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