Friday, April 22, 2016

Memory Wire Obsession!

Once again when pressed for time to make jewelry for myself, I turn to memory wire. It's so fun, quick and easy to come up with something new. As I was preparing for my trip back to Clearwater to spend time with the Cousin Corporation and the other five ambassadors, I realized I needed some new jewelry to wear.

I don't usually stick with one strand, but thought it would be fun to use these larger sparkly mirror beads and mix in a bunch of little dangles. It's like a fun jingly little party for your wrist!

All the movement makes it really fun to wear!

I made this one in the hotel room early one morning before our busy day at Cousin Corp using the furry little beads I had found at Walmart. The blue "feather" dangle was the icing on the cake! :)

Funny how using the same kind of wire can produce such different looks! LOVE that memory wire! :)

This weekend I'll share a little more about our whirlwind bead retreat. I had to take a few days to process all of the wonderful things that happened last week.

Well, no more procrastinating, I better get the show on the road! :)

Happy Friday!

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