Sunday, April 3, 2016

Bracelet made in Clearwater, Florida! - Memories of spring break...

I'm already pining away for the warmth and palm trees we were surrounded by during spring break in Clearwater.

Our goals were to visit with family and then basically relax and have fun! I always bring beads and tools in my checked bag even though it comes close to meeting the weight limit! It's a must!

I can have fun just looking and beads and trying things out, even if I don't actually end up with many completed projects.

Back in February I had found this Cousin Corp. stretchy cord at our local Walmart and decided to use it in a few projects I was making for them.

I was sad that I had to mail them in and hadn't taken the time to make anything for myself. Well, I brought the leftovers and was thrilled when I discovered I had these great peace sign beads that went perfectly!

This stretchy cord is VERY forgiving and easy to use. The ends cut nicely and don't fray. I just knotted the cord around the jump rings on either side of the peace sign and added a few dangles. It just feels like Florida to me.

AND, thanks to Cousin Corp. I'll be taking another trip back to Clearwater next week! More to come on that soon!!

In the meantime, if you're looking for stretchy cord inspiration, here are the other pieces I made for Cousin back in February inspired by my desire for a beachy vacation!

These beachy stretchy knotted bracelets were SO EASY to make! I just cut the cord, knotted the ends and added a dangle.

These bracelets each have a strand of beads sewn right on!

And, here's a simple and fun stretchy necklace:

ENJOY! If you created new jewelry pieces on your recent vacation, please SHARE!

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