Monday, April 7, 2014

What I Made on Spring Vacation!

It's always hard to believe when vacation is over and you've returned back to reality. 

Today was the first day back at work and since people are nice, they asked me about my vacation. :)

I enjoyed being able to share some fun stories, but when I talk about making jewelry on the beach under an umbrella with the beautiful warm breeze coming off the water, I just think pictures are necessary! 

There's nothing like throwing random beads, findings and tools into a bag to take on vacation.

It stretches my creativity a little because I don't plan, I just throw.

I am now calling this the Blue Margarita Necklace and you can probably see why! :)

The necklace is made using a simple chain, a three hole rhinestone connector, a light blue flower connector, clear bicone and large clear teardrop pendant. 

LOVE the simplicity!

All the pieces I took to Florida were from my 30 minute Warehouse "shopping" spree at Cousin Corporation headquarters in February.

Speaking of Cousin, since they are so close to Clearwater, I had a chance to pop in and say Hi to my favorite people and drop off my latest Ambassador jewelry making project.

It was a great week of fun and gratitude! I am so grateful to have had the chance to take such a beautiful vacation with my husband (and my beads!) 

I'll share my banana daiquiri ankle bracelet later this week. :)

Now that spring is here, what are YOU making? Please share in the comments!


LisaS said...

Wow! Love the necklace. Hope you had s fun visit;)

Kokopelli said...

My favorite color!

Anonymous said...

Great necklace and the drink looks pretty yummy too! :-)

Rebecca @ My Girlish Whims said...

hah i love the name! and looking forward to that banana daquiri bracelet hehe :)

Dawn Doucette said...

Love the beach, love the jewelry, love the drink! I think we need a reunion with all of the above! ;) Sounds like a great trip! Hugs!

Lisa Crone said...

Thanks you guys! Dawn, I like your idea... a reunion sounds great! :)