Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yay, Back to Beads!

Well, I actually went off the grid for a while for a fun-filled vacation.

On the first part of our journey, we visited Battle Creek, Michigan for the annual Balloon Festival.

They are still posting great photos from the event on their facebook page.

I bet you can guess which balloon the kids loved...Sugar Bear, of course. :)

You could hear all the little voices out there calling out, here comes sugar bear! Too cute!

My fave is probably the night time illumination.

Pictured above is the new ankle bracelet I made in the car on the way to Battle Creek so I had something to remember the trip.

I'll be sharing some other fun bead projects from the second leg of our vacation over the next week so...stay tuned.


Monique (A Half-Baked Notion) said...

Cute anklet and awesome pictures, Lisa!

Engagement Rings said...

Looks as if kids had a great time with sugar bear. Amazing ankle bracelet its interesting to know you have designed such a thing in your car.

Lisa Crone said...

Thanks you two! I do love breaking out the beads in the passenger seat of the car on a trip. Sometimes I like the extra challenge of hanging on to beads, cutting wire and wrangling with chain while trying not to distract or hurt my husband while he navigates. :)

Dawn Doucette said...

I love the night time illumination Lisa! How cool! I have no idea how you create in the car (it's like reading in the car for me... gives me a headache) Love the ankle bracelet!

Have a marvelous week!

Lisa Crone said...

Thanks Dawn! It was such a great vacation and so glad I have all those memories in my ankle bracelet!

Charla said...

This is fantastic!