Saturday, July 6, 2013

It Really POPS!

Yes, I have been known to say that AND I've heard the same thing from people as well.

It is cliche, but sometimes, it is the most fitting way to describe something...especially jewelry designs.

Can you look at this necklace and ignore the fact the red just POPS right out? :)

Nice! This is made by our friend and blogger, Diane of d'Olivia Jewelry Jewelry & More.

She used these turquoise blue colored beads from Cousin Corp to create this really special summery necklace. Love it! Thanks for sharing Diane!


d'Olivia said...

Thanks for featuring my design in your blog, Lisa! It's fun to incorporate colors from opposite ends of the color spectrum. And I love the Cousin products, too!

Dawn Doucette said...

I love the color pairing. I hadn't thought to put turquoise and red together until recently. And now, that red coral and turquoise seem to be paired together all the time. I'm seeing it everywhere!

Vintage Boutique said...

Wow this is cool, I'm lucky I've stumbled your blog, now I've get a pretty colorful idea for my crafts.