Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ready for Christmas in July?

Lots of people are preparing to celebrate Christmas in July! It just so happens that Cousin Corporation has a new line of holiday beads hitting Joann's right about now!

Here's a fun way to embellish your packages or gift bags. Make curly-q's the same way you do with ribbon, by gently sliding the scissors across the wire.

Then, just add a crimp to the end of the wire and add a bead or beads to create the dangles. These are also a fun way to use beads on a small tree or hang from a light fixture or chandelier.

The dangle below uses a star pendant with ribbon tied on for use as a necklace or package embellishment that becomes an ornament.

While there are times I enjoy making little tiny dangles like the red, green, clear dangles on this charm, I do love that Cousin provides packages of ready-made dangles.

I just used a length of chain and jump rings to attach them and added a large charm to the bottom.

Fun and SO EASY!

As always, we'd love to hear your Christmas in July stories, so please take a minute to share! :) Oh, and "happy holidays!"

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Anonymous said...

Yes, it makes sense to start making your Christmas gifts up early. Children are home for the summer holidays and are looking for activities to do. Instead of just playing video games and watching TV, get them involved in making up gifts for their family. Children need to be involved with the planning to see just what goes into this special time of the year!