Saturday, June 8, 2013

Inspirational Beaders - Unicorns, Birds & More!

I wanted to share my "scientific" discovery this week.

I've been beading for many years and have experienced the calming power of sorting through beads on a number of occasions.

Did you know it could lower your blood pressure?

I took mine after making a bracelet earlier in the week and sure enough it  had that effect.

It's nice to have scientific proof that a beloved craft has such positive side effects. :)

Okay, now it's time for weekend inspiration from our bead blogger pals...

You know it's going to be a great weekend when you find inspiration that involves unicorns!

AND, included in the blog post was my favorite saying...

Always be yourself.
Unless you can be a unicorn.
Then always be a unicorn.

Thanks Carmi!

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Jean's review of the fabulous book Crystal Play by Anna Elizabeth Draeger, in case you missed it the first time! It is a MUST!

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Carmi's Art/Life World
It is truly wonderful how tools in the papercrafting and sewing world can be sued for jewelry making. I have a new leather bird bracelet to share this week!

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