Monday, March 25, 2013

Sparkly Memory...I'll Take It!

Man, I'm a pushover for a little least I am aware of it, right? :)

Just add sparkle and I'll take it!

Okay, that prompted this song in my head and I had to go searching YouTube for the version that matched the one stuck in my memory bank.

Wrap it up...Sam & Dave...Nice!

There are several versions out there including the Fabulous Thunderbirds...even a unique version by the Eurythmics!

This is the one in my head though...

Thanks sparkle! You are not only fabulous in your sparkliness, you also triggered a great memory.

College...blues bar...ALWAYS played on the jukebox before the band started.

Ah, just wish I could transport myself back in time for a bit. The good news is, if that ever happened, my hubby would be there too. Aww. :)

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