Sunday, January 6, 2013

Ready for Sunshine!

I mentioned in a recent post I'll be heading to sunny Florida in February as part of the Cousin Ambassador program. So, I bet you can't guess what that means...

Yep, I need new Floridian jewelry to wear!

As luck would have it, the ultra-generous Cousin sent us all sand pails full of tropical beads and components...yay!

I'll be sharing my progress with you here and as always, feel free to throw in your two cents!

This is the first piece I selected from the sand pail... Of course, it's meant to be a pendant, but I've gotta have that big flower as a bracelet focal piece. :)

I don't know why my brain does that, but hey, why fight it.

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Ben@Kincaid said...

Beautiful!Love the post! Good job.