Thursday, January 31, 2013

Love Winter Weather?

Calling all winter weather lovers!!!

I have been so caught up in wishing for and enjoying a break in the winter weather, I so "coldly" assumed that everyone felt the same as I do.

Well, our sweet beading friend that you might know from "Kokopelli Design" posted a reminder on yesterday's smiling sunshiny bracelet post.

SO, I'm challenging all of you who do LOVE the winter to send me or leave a link in the comments to a piece of winter inspired jewelry that I can share here.

:) Can't wait!


Kokopelli said...

Thanks for thinking of us winter lovers! ;) Don't get me wrong, I'm not only loving winter, but all seasons during "their" time and for their own special light, colors, temperatures etc.

This is a piece I made in 2008 and it sold at once back then:

Kokopelli said...

Check this out:

Lisa Crone said...

Yay, thank you so much, it is SO PRETTY! :)

Kristen said...

I do love Winter and I'm disappointed we have lost all our snow. Think snow!!
check out my enameled pendant:
and this necklace:
Thanks so much !!

DVArtist said...

Yes Dagi is a winter person. LOL
I dislike winter but I am posting one of my favorite winter necklaces. This was published Bead Design Studio March 2012.

Fireweed Jewelry and Gifts said...

I loved winter when I lived in British Columbia, Canada. But these Kansas winters are not nearly as fun. I was thinking of winters in BC when I made this collar necklace.

Unknown said...

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