Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Timeless Styles

Ever since I received some of the new Cousin Corp product line called Second Skin, I have noticed something interesting...

I originally thought this particular piece had sort of a southwestern vibe which is not surprising since many of the other second skin products do as well.

The interesting thing is, I was watching VH1 Classic (no big surprise there), it must have been "Totally 80's" and noticed some jewelry that looked similar to this.

Over the weekend I caught up on the latest version of Project Runway All Stars and saw some jewelry that looked similar to this piece!

Here's the MOST interesting thing...I was watching an older movie from around the late 30's and noticed jewelry that looked similar to this piece!!

I never would have guessed that styles from those particular eras were so similar, but it really makes me smile! I thoroughly enjoy when "something old is new again!" Yay...

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