Sunday, November 4, 2012

Craft Night Success!

Oh my goodness, look what I found at a Meijer store yesterday morning! An entire wall of Cousin!

I've never seen so many of them in one place before!

It was a blast, but I kept thinking the store people were keeping an eye on me because I was dawdling for so long! :)

I still hadn't created a prototype for a project I was going to teach last night, so this was like hitting the mother lode! 

Here's what I decided on...

A Pendant, ribbon clasps and some pretty ribbon. Yes, this Meijer store had several aisles of craft products, nice!

Cutting the pendant loop off was the first order of business so this could be made into a bracelet.

I used to think I was being selfish by only wanting to make bracelets because I can't see what's around my neck and I can see what's on my wrist whenever I want!

Now I just expect that to be my first instinct...Oh, I can make that into a bracelet!

We looped the ribbon on either side, crimped down the ribbon clasps and added a magnet clasp for ease in getting this bracelet on and off. What do you think?

Here's a quick pic of the closure, hope this helps! :)


Debbie said...

I love the idea of the ribbon with this.. I've worked with ribbon and never know how to close it.. Great job!

Beetique said...

This looks wonderful but I'd like to see more pictures on how you did the ribbon. My Mom likes magnetic clasps and I can't picture how you did it.

Sarah Sequins said...

I'm so jealous of your Meijer! Ours has one tiny aisle with glitter and a few spools of Fireline in the fishing section, but that's it.

(By the way, my favorite end caps came from Cousin fifteen years ago. They still haven't tarnished.)

Beetique said...

Ok I got it now. This is wonderful. I do have a few of those rinnon clamps too. Thanks for posting a pic of the way you did the clasp and sending to me.