Monday, August 13, 2012

Capri Blue Bead Party

These watery capri blue beads look like they are having a party and I'd LOVE to have an invitation! :)

I try pretty hard not to say "yummy" in relation to beads too often, but please forgive me here, these are so yummy. The watery-ness and the deep color just makes me happy!

I'd love to hear your go-to emotional response word when you see a bead that brings happiness to your heart or tears to your eyes. It's okay, you can admit it here on A Bead A Day! You are among friends.

For me, it's "yummy" or honestly, just "mmm"! How about you?


Janice said...

A big gasp followed by a drawn out OMG.
Funny you should say that about a bead that could bring tears to your eyes because I would have laughed at that notion a few weeks ago. But I recently saw the most exquisite druzy that was beautifully hand wrapped and it really did make my eyes pick with tears. lol

Lisa Crone said...

Don't even get me started on a druzy obsession! just do a search on abeadaday to see why! :)

Birds of a feather need to flock together,glad you stopped by!