Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Do you Love Toho?

I'm so sorry, but sometimes I can't help myself...there is nobody here to censor or edit my silliness so I just ask for your forgiveness in advance...

So, I ask...Do you love Toho, like I love Toho?

There is NOTHING like true Japanese Toho beads! They are perfect in every way!

How do they get every tiny little bead so perfectly identical? All I really know is they are precision cut and perfect for bead weaving projects! The color combinations are unique and inspiring.

And now, the big news! It's time for the annual "Treasures of TOHO Competition".

If you aren't familiar with the competition, it is sponsored by Toho of Japan, but you must enter through a bead store. I received an email from an Ohio bead shop today, Ally Beads, now accepting entries.

For those of you entering, good luck and happy precision beading!

Here are some of my fave Toho beads from Artbeads.com (4mm green lined peridot)...Awesome!!!


DVArtist said...

Yep I am very aware of the competition. My good friend Charmain Pesnell won the last competition and she asked me to go to Japan with her. We had the best time and toured the Toho factories. Check November 2009 blog posts for the trip. It was spectacular!!!

Lisa Crone said...

Oh Nicole, I remember reading those posts! So glad you mentioned it here!! :)