Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Week's Project: Simple & Shiny Hematite Bracelet

This week's project is a hematite bracelet on memory wire. It is a project I have taught a few times before and again tonight at a "Craft & Girls Night Out".

A new friend at work mentioned she would like gather a group of women at her house on a monthly basis.

Her concept was that everyone knows something they can teach to the rest of the group. She asked if I would like to teach the first project.

I was very honored because I had just begun thinking I wanted to get back to more structured teaching, but wasn't sure how. Isn't life great?!

I gave everyone a chance to make this bracelet using either hematite rounds or white glass pearls. Very simple, but fun to come away with a piece of jewelry you can wear every day.

They all turned out great and a good time was had by all! Very fun and a great way to get to know each other better. Also a great way to support each other!


Skye said...

I haven't used memory wire, but this bracelet looks really nice and simple. And I LOVE that focal!

So when are you going to share how your pearl charm bracelet class went? lol

Debbie said...

I purchased some memory wire the other day and have been looking at how to work with it. I Like how you did your endings on this. the video I saw on the net mentioned glueing a bead on the ends and is not an aread I have any expertise in. Thanks for sharing! Wish I could attend your class! Love it.

Liz said...

The Teacher was FABULOUS! Thanks to you Lisa for sharing your talents. Can't wait until the next Girls night out.

Lisa Crone said...

Memory wire is so easy and fun to use. I just make a loop on the ends which also makes hanging dangles easy!

Thanks Liz for hosting such a great get together! :)

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