Monday, October 31, 2011

The Obsession Continues...DRUZY-licious!

I was ready to move on to something else today, but received some encouragement from Saturday Sequins and the Beadwright on yesterday's post to keep right on obsessing over these druzy's!

This is another ring from the fabulous Yarona Jewelry Design Etsy site! Wow, it's called "titanium" set in 18k gold, beautiful!

I had wondered if there were any geode mines in Ohio and while searching, I discovered a huge tourist attraction is located on Put-In-Bay in Ohio.

It's an island known for it's party-time atmosphere. I had visited there many times as a young adult and the fact it is at the same location as the Heineman's Winery pretty much explains why I never knew it was there!! :)

Here's a fun little story on Wikipedia about how the winery made it through prohibition times due to the crystal cave tourist attraction!

I hope you stuck around till the end of this post because I saved the most surprising discovery until last...Did you know there was an unbelievable crystal cave in Australia? It's in Atherton Queensland Australia.

Here's a photo, but if you have a minute to check out this youtube video from a tourist and admirer, here you go, enjoy! It is amazing and SO sparkly!

Thanks for indulging my obsession!!


DVArtist said...

I am so glad you took mine and other's advice on the druzy. This is spectacular!!! Thank you for sharing this.

Sarah Sequins said...

So beautiful!!! I love the color.

I don't think I'll ever get over my druzy obsession. I could have easily been Druzy Floozy instead of Saturday Sequins. ;)

I'm glad I can help encourage your own obsession!

-- Sarah

Shel said...

OMG that's gorgeous!!