Thursday, June 2, 2011

Simple Photo Necklaces

I hope you aren't all gnomed out yet!! I wanted to share the other version of this necklace which uses a smaller label holder frame than the choker posted yesterday (below).

I also used the brad that came with these scrapbooking supplies in the bottom hole of the label holder so I could hang this as a pendant.

Connecting it close to the toggle clasp gave it more of an interesting look and also helps keep it in place.

Here is the glue product I used to get this effect. I didn't have time to learn about how to use resin products, so I was looking for some way to get a similar effect.

I had read about this product on a couple of blogs so I gave it a try. It is Triple Thick from Deco Art.

I uploaded the actual gnome photos I took in the back yard, sized them to fit on the computer, printed them on photo paper and cut them out so they would fit just behind the label holder.

To give it a little more weight, I glued a piece of cardstock or decorative paper to the back of the photo.

The best part about using this product was the unexpected fuzzy effect the glue had on the photo. I LOVE IT!

It reminded me of the kind of picture that would be glued to a plastic ring from a gumball machine in the 1970's or in one of those souvenier kaleidescopes. :)

I placed the label holder with photo in it on top of a disposable plastic container lid and just poured it over the entire piece. It does need to dry for a couple days to feel secure enough to turn it over and do the same on the back, but once it's done it is like you have traveled back in time and visited a Kmart to get one of those gumball machine treasures!

Very simple and very crafty! Something kids can do too because there are no dangerous fumes involved.


Barbara Lewis said...

Very ingenious! I also would never have thought of putting a brad in the bottom hole! Duh! I like what you did with the toggle too!

Lisa Crone said...

Thanks Barbara!!

Cyndi L said...

You can never have too many gnomes! I love what you did with your pictures :-)