Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How about Wood Stamping?!

After putting together yesterday's post about this cool set of ImpressArt Metal Stamps from PJTool & Supply called Ballroom Boogie, it dawned on me that I had a bunch of these wooden bracelets left that I found years ago at a Mark's discount grocery store (3 for $1)!

I have made some fun projects over the years using paints, decopauge and markers, but never metal stamps!

I was so excited that as soon as I could this evening, I sat down to see if it would work! I was pretty happy with my first attempt here. I knew I wanted to use one of my favorite affirmations, "live and let live", but I didn't know until I got those 4 squares done what I would do with the last two.

For me when I am using visual affirmations such as this one, I know I need to do them every day because it's so easy to revert to old programming due to the various stressors of life. Because of that, I thought it made sense to stamp, "live and let live every day"!

I am looking forward to sharing this with some of my crafty coworkers tomorrow! After the stamping was done, I used a gold leafing paint pen in the stamped letter crevices and then wiped it off with a paper towel.

Yes, I see that I hammered a little too hard in some places and not hard enough in others, but I think this was a pretty good first effort!

Please let me know what you think and continue to share your stamping ideas and experiences if you have a minute!! I'm on to metal stamping tomorrow! :)

Once again I am wishing I had one of those swarovski heat tools to set some crystals on these wooden squares! Wouldn't that be cute!

FTC compliance disclosure notice of material connections: the above mentioned metal stamping kit was provided as a promotional gift by PJTool & Supply for review and/or design purposes.


Donna@soakinginmustard.com said...

I like your stamped wooden bracelet. Didn't even notice where you stamped too hard; I call that stuff "character"!

Watercolors by Susan Roper said...

You are way more brave than I to start stamping on a piece of constructed jewelry! When stamping, I find that I am either too hard (and cut through the copper on one side or the other of the letters) or not hard enough and it is very difficult, if not impossible, to re-stamp letters that have not been stamped deeply enough.

This was a cool way to use those wooden bracelets. I have three packages of wooden slats that have holes on both ends for the wire or elastic bracelet bands to insert. I am now, after seeing your stamped wood, going to get them out and try some wooden dangles for earrings! This is what makes these jewelry blogs so great, you have inspired me! I'll have plenty to practice on and may make some with inspirational words for hanging pendants. Too cool!

Evie's Tool Emporium said...

What a wonderful creative idea! Have fun with metal today!

flyingbeader said...

What a great idea!

Michelle Mach said...

I've stamped wooden beads before and most of the time I've had great results. I did once crack a wooden bead with my stamping, so I've tried since then to not take out all my stress through my hammer. :)

Shai Williams said...

I love reading your blog for all the new ideas! I never would have thought about stamping on wood

Susan Z said...

I often use beads from already made jewelry (old and new) in my creations. Sometimes, it is a cheaper way to get good beads for filler than to buy them new. I know that doesn't support artists--but when you need non-decorative beads it helps.