Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Edible" Jewelry Projects

Why do I watch so much food TV? Cooking is not something that I do unless you count cutting fruits and veggies or opening packages.

I think I enjoy it so much because watching the creative process makes me happy whether it is sewing, cooking, knitting, crocheting, beading or crafting.

It's much easier to find TV shows on during the evening that have to do with cooking!

When I was working on my book, I designed a couple of projects inspired by my favorite foods and wondered if any of you have done the same. I'd love to hear about your food related jewelry projects!!

Today's bead was used in my salad bracelet as a lettuce leaf! My "salad" also included beads representing cucumber wedges, tomatoes and diced onions wired onto an actual fork as the bracelet form. :)


Maryanne said...

My Melons freeform necklace that I made this summer was inspired by a white bowl filled with watermelon, cantalope and honeydew. Sometimes food is so beautiful, I want to create something to remember the colors.

Sally Anderson said...

Once I had a bowl with avocados, onions, and tomatoes roughly chopped. I had to run for the camera it was so beautiful! I know what you're saying and what Maryanne's saying! --SallyA

Anonymous said...

I often use nature as a guide for the projects that I've created, but I understand about using food. I have seen often beads inspired by cupcakes, icecreams all kinds of fruits as well as candy. I have little ones and am just too afraid that their appetite will get the best of them and a visit to the ER to get a glass candy corn out of their stomachs is just to much for me to chance! But I do understand the love for edible beads! Happy Beading!