Sunday, March 7, 2010

Blogger Udpates & This Week's Revised Project

This week's project was returned to the drawing board this afternoon after one of my furry kids stepped into an open bead box which also had my sort-of-dry bezels on the lid.

It's a very good thing he is adorable or I might have been upset. BUT, it is impossible to get mad at someone so cute and angelic looking! :)

This week's project no longer has bezel's attached, but you can't miss all of the great shell pearls and electric sparkly beads that I mentioned early last week!!

It is possible that I got slightly carried away with this... This is usually an issue I face when using a glue gun, but today it was having so many great beads to put on head pins!

I love it and was glad to find a great use for this gold toned chain bracelet and heart/clover charms.

The "coin" charm is actually a plastic piece from a "pirate's treasure" that I will tell you about another time... :) I drilled a hole and the next thing I knew, it was hanging from my bracelet!!

I hope you all had a great week! Below are updates from our fellow friendly bloggers so we can see what they have been up to as well!


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Rose said...

Personally, I LOVE how its FULL of pearls and pretty beads... and the coin makes it feel as though its a treasure find! LOVE the colors!

Azure Accessories said...

I love it Lisa...the fuller the better!!!


Createology said...

Your bracelet turned out to be very fun. Lots of interest, color and charm. Well done.

Donna Blake said...

I love the color combination of the pearls with the sparkles. It looks like it would be really fun to wear.